Diversity Chair: Dr. Sandra Gray, Ph.D.

Dr. Sandra Gray earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology, as well as dual masters in mental health counseling and in psychology. Her dissertation research, training, and experience has focused on racial and ethnic differences in the experience of trauma, specifically sexual abuse. As a bilingual, first generation Mexican-American individual, much of her work has involved working with Spanish-speaking populations and other minority groups. Dr. Gray’s pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training focused on psychological and neuropsychological evaluations, respectively.

Our Diversity representatives and committee are dedicated to promoting diversity issues in NPA and  Nevada. This includes welcoming psychologists from diverse backgrounds as well as promoting culturally sensitive services to the community. NPA is working to develop a Diversity Mission Statement, includes scientific and evidence-based information about working with diverse populations in our CE trainings, and strongly supports efforts to reach out to individuals, different genders, ethnicities, ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, cultures and abilities.


Diversity Committee Meetings

  • Thursday, January 25th, 2017

    Title: Military and Veteran Culture
    Presenter: Jordan Soper, Psy.D.
    Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
    Location: 6655 W. Sahara Ave, Suite B200, Las Vegas, NV  89146
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Diversity Award

Started in 2012, the Diversity Award is given every year by APA to a group psychologist who has made outstanding contributions that promote understanding and respect for diversity in group psychology practice, research, service or mentoring. Click on title bar for more details.

Diversity Issues

Recruitment and retention of diverse grad student bodies and faculty requires thoughtful planning……