Healthy Workplace Awards


The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards Program

In 1999 the American Psychological Association launched a program throughout the United States, Canada and the Territories known as the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards (PHWA). This Program, which is carried out by State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Associations, presents awards to businesses which demonstrate a Culture of Caring for the Psychological Health of its employees. Nevada has been a participant in this program since 2005.

There are five areas in which businesses must meet criteria in order to merit an award. Each of these five areas has been shown to have a significant impact on the psychological well-being of employees. There is an abundance of ever increasing research which shows the link between psychological well-being and such work related factors as employee productivity, customer care, absenteeism, turnover, workplace accidents and use of employer health care dollars. These factors, in turn, are directly related to the financial success of companies. Therefore, the purpose of the PHWA is to inspire companies to create psychologically healthy environments both for the benefit of the employees and the company – a win-win situation.

Eligibility Criteria

Winners of Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards:


Employee Involvement:

The first area governing award eligibility is Employee Involvement. Companies which include employees in decision making, which have regular 2 way communication between employees and management and which give the message “we value your input” promote a marked sense of psychological comfort in employees.

Employee Recognition:

The second area of Employee Recognition involves the use of a variety of methods to show appreciation for what employees do. This creates very positive workplace attitudes in employees.

Employee Growth and Development:

The third area is Employee Growth and Development. Businesses which offer opportunities for employees to become more educated, both with respect to their work in the company and in the pursuit of other interests give employees a sense the companies care about them as individuals. Opportunities for advancement with the company creates a work environment which employees really appreciate.

Health and Safety:

The fourth area of Health and Safety insures that employees feel secure in their workplace. They are free from harassment, protected from physical injury and encouraged to participate in healthy lifestyle activities promoted by the company. When companies attend to these issues the sense of well-being among employees grows exponentially.

Work Life Balance:

The fifth area of Work Life Balance covers programs businesses offer that allow employees to take care of real life issues while maintaining productive work in their businesses. Real life stress can easily intrude into the work environment and companies are wise when they try to help employees manage those problems.


Nevada Awards:

14 companies have received awards to date. They are excellent companies which we believe will be very competitive for the next National Awards.

  • 2008 Winners

    Geotechnical and Environmetal Services, Inc.
    Shred-It Las Vegas
    The Greenspun Corporation, Inc.

  • 2007 Winners

    B&J, Inc.
    Nevada Cancer Institute
    Renown Health

  • 2006 Winners

    High Sierra Industries
    HSBC Card Services
    Nevada Federal Credit Union
    Saint Mary’s Health Network

  • 2005 Winners:


    Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority
    New York New York Hotel
    Shred It, Las Vegas

National Awards:

Local award recipients are eligible for a National Award presented by the American Psychological Association. We believe that every national award winner from our State enhances the State’s reputation as a place to do business.

Two Nevada companies have received a National award:

To see the 2013 PHWA National Award Winners, click here


Companies can learn more about this award program and apply online at:

The application process includes several steps. First, organizations complete and submit an initial application. After the application is reviewed by representatives from the psychological association in the state, province or territory in which the company is located, additional information may be requested and organizations are selected for a site visit. In addition to touring the facilities, the state psychological association representatives administer an employee survey and talk to individuals at various levels throughout the organization including senior managers, human resources personnel and other employees. The state psychological association representatives review all of the information collected for each applicant and in a competitive evaluation process, select their award winners. Awards are presented at a special event and the winners are announced to the media.