President’s Message

When I started my career in psychology as a doctoral student at UNLV in 2006, I never dreamed I would plant roots in Las Vegas permanently.  But, after leaving Nevada for my internship and post-doc, I found myself pulled back by the unshakable feeling that there is important work to do in our beautiful state.  When I returned home to Nevada and began doing this work,  my closest friends and colleagues pulled me back into the Nevada Psychological Association.  I admit to being a reluctant participant, at first.  One more meeting, a few more administrative obligations, numerous more administrative tasks – ugh!  And yet, my friends and colleagues were right.  They recognized my stubborn and relentless commitment to improving behavioral health care in Nevada, and they realized the very best place for me was NPA.  With NPA, I have the amazing opportunity to help improve behavioral health care in Nevada by supporting and advocating for you, our behavioral health care providers!  To that end, I promise to be an intense, righteous, and bull-headed advocate for our community.  And, perhaps even more importantly, I promise to keep you informed about the ways NPA is advocating for our community.

Transparency is a top priority for me as NPA president.  In the wake of the Hoffman report, and given the current political climate, many NPA members have expressed feelings of uncertainty. NPA leadership will continue to strengthen our community by adopting targeted action plans, articulating these plans to members, and following through on these plans to the best of our ability.

In May, NPA held our Annual Strategic Planning Meeting, an affair that can be both tedious and inspiring.  As NPA President, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with NPA’s (second!) Three Year Strategic Plan (and Strategic Business Objectives), and Annual Translators.  As a rational human being, I realize many of you are unlikely to heed this request.  So, I’ve mercifully boiled down the main goals for 2017 – 2018 here:

  • Provide high quality services to NPA members by maximizing the use of new and emerging technology
  • Improve financial stability of NPA by exploring ways to increase continuing education event attendance
  • Develop and support NPA leadership by streamlining operational efficiency via new and emerging technology
  • Advocate for psychology as a science and profession by increasing targeted communication of legislative actions to members

NPA is already well on our way to reaching these goals.  For example, NPA’s Legislative Committee successfully developed Senate Bill 163, and then ushered this bill through Nevada’s 79th Legislative Session.  SB163, also known as the “corporate practice” bill, opens the door for psychologists and physicians to form equal-partner businesses for the purpose of providing fully integrated behavioral health care.  The 79th Legislative Session also numerous other exciting developments for behavioral health care in Nevada, including the possibility of Medicaid reimbursement for trainees, steps towards PSYPACT, and many others.

NPA leadership will continue to communicate with our membership regarding important issues throughout the state and the nation.  Watch for our emails, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and stop by our website for information, updates, and action alerts as we follow the developments impacting behavioral health care and behavioral health care providers.  As behavioral health care providers and advocates, we have our work cut out for us at the state and national levels this year.

Nevada has grown up quickly, and Nevada’s behavioral health needs have grown even faster.
Fortunately, Nevada has a community of dedicated and brilliant psychologists who are committed to meeting these needs.  I am very proud to work with, and for, each and every one of you.  NPA could use your help.  Speak up. Get involved. Do something. Or, you know, get out of the way

~Adrianna Wechsler Zimring, Ph.D.
NPA President, 2017-2018