President’s Message

Having always viewed the Nevada Psychological Association (NPA) with awe and admiration, it is with great honor that I accept the position as the organization’s President.  Awe for the industrious and productive efforts of our organization in pursuing our mission statement of advancing and representing psychology as a profession and serving the professional needs of our members and community.  Admiration for the relentless efforts of NPA’s leaders and volunteers in driving NPA towards success.

How do we define success?  Dr. Melanie Crawford, NPA Past-President, and Dr. Susan Ayarbe, NPA Secretary, acquainted us with that process by initiating and implementing our first three-year strategic plan in 2013.  The foundation of NPA’s strategic plan was our objectives of growing our membership, improving financial stability, maximizing efficiency, and developing effective leaders.  Over the past few years, Dr. Whitney Owens, Past-President, and Dr. Robyn Donaldson, current Past-President, in unison with our Executive Board, have worked diligently to creatively implement ways to bring these objectives to fruition.

In order to measure our progress, NPA created an Annual Survey that is distributed to members every year to illicit feedback.  The results of our 2016 Annual Survey indicated a Membership Satisfaction rating of 84.4%!!  Our objective of maximizing operational efficiency has been accomplished via taking advantage of all the new and emerging technology that allows us to better communicate with our members and community, as well as having developed a plan to fund out Political Action Committee (PAC) and creating a way to streamline the execution of continuing education events.  NPA has also been energetic in developing effective leaders, as we have implemented a clear process by which our future leaders are selected.  We also prepared and executed a proactive legislative agenda that includes revising Nevada’s current corporate practice law and supporting PSYPACT, an interstate compact designed to facilitate easier access for the public to mental health services.

While we have excelled in some areas, unfortunately, we have fallen short in others.  Although our goal was to increase financial stability via our two main revenue sources (i.e., CE events and membership dues), we saw a drastic reduction (-33.27%) in our finances last year.  Not only was our attendance at CE events lower than anticipated, we also observed a 15.6% reduction in our membership, from 231 members in 2013 to 205 current members (2016), which leaves us with a few areas on which to improve in the coming years.

In order address our areas of weakness and capitalize on our strengths, NPA has created it’s second three-year strategic plan, with the objectives of increasing financial stability, providing high-quality services to our members, developing and supporting leaders, and advocating for the science and profession of psychology.  NPA’s Executive Board identified goals of increasing our membership and sponsorship of CE events, while also investigating new pricing models for our organization and members.  We also endeavor to increase coordination between our legislative committee, executive board, and membership, while maintaining the motivation of current NPA leaders to continue their relentless efforts in advocating for psychologists in our great state.  With the goal of developing effective leaders in mind, I encourage every member to consider participating in NPA’s executive or regional boards, or our committees, as doing so will not only increase goal-achievement, but will also inevitably increase the strength of our organization.

Once again, how do we define success?  The answer is…YOU!  Our members are the epitome of our organization’s success.  It is my privilege and pleasure to serve you, alongside such talented and passionate professionals, and I am honored to lead NPA through 2016 and into 2017!  Thank you for providing me with this exciting opportunity!


~Bree Mullin, Psy.D.
NPA President, 2016-2017