COVID-19 Resources




This section continues to be updated as new information on COVID-19 and resources becomes available for both professionals and our community.


Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) PUBLIC RESOURCES :

SELF CARE during the Coronavirus:

  1. Feeling Worried or Anxious?
  2. Keeping Your Distance to Stay Safe
  3. Tips to help you manage your anxiety, put news reports in perspective and maintain a positive outlook
  4. CDC: Managing Anxiety and Stress
  5. WHO: Advice for the Public
  6. 7 sicence-based strategies to cope with coronavirus anxiety
  7. SAMHSA Article: Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health During an Infectious Disease Outbreak
  8. Coronavirus and Mental Health: Taking Care of Ourselves during Infectious Disease Outbreaks
  9. Psychological Coping during a Pandemic (developed by our psychologist friends in Alberta Canada)
  10. The Psychological Impact of Quarantine and How to Reduce It: Rapid review of the evidence
  11. APA News: Psychologists’ Advice for Newly Remote Workers
  12. Gero Central: COVID-19 Resources for Clinicians, Telehealth, Older Adults and Family Resources

 Resources for Parents and Caregivers:

  1. Time for Kids: Digital Library free for the rest of the school year
  2. Vegas PBS: Resources for Families, Teachers, and Online Education
  3. Talking with Children: Tips for Caregivers, Parents and Teachers during Infectious Disease Outbreaks
  4. CNN Keeping Your Child Safe and Reassured as COVID-19 spreads
  5. Child Mind Institute – Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus
  6. National Association of School Psychologists: Talking to Children about the coronavirus – A Parent Resource
  7. DHHS – Guide to Coping with COVID-19: Kids and Families Edition
  8. NPR Script – Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus
  9. APA Help Center – How to talk to children about difficult news
  10. NAMI Southern Nevada: Online Family Support Groups
  11. National Child & Traumatic Stress Network: Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with the Coronavirus Disease 2019
  12. National Child & Traumatic Stress Network:Pandemic Resources
  13. PBS: How to talk to your kids about coronavirus
  14. American Red Cross: Coronavirus: Safety and Readiness Tips for You
  15. New York Times Article: Talking to Teens and Tweens about Coronavirus
  16. SAMHSA Article: Talking with Caregivers, Parents and Teachers during Infectious Disease Outbreaks
  17. The Conversation: Coronavirus Q&A – Answers to 7 Questions your Kids may have about the Pandemic
  18. APA: Tips for Quarantined Parents in the times of COVID-19 (Emotions and Discussion Tips, Activities Tips, COVID-19 Facts Tips)
  19. Stress in America 2020: Stress in the Time of COVID-19

Individuals with Disabilities/Autism Resources:

  1. Autism Focused Intervention and Resources Models (AFIRM): Supporting Individuals with Autism during uncertainty
  2. Autism Society of North Carolina: Coronavirus 2019 Resources
  3. Autism Society of North Carolina: Dont Share Your Germs: A Social Story about Staying Healthy
  4. Autism Society: Disaster Preparedness Tips for Families Living with Autism
  5. Autism Speaks: Talking to your child about tragedy: Six tips for the autism community
  6. Autism Speaks: Flu Picture Story
  7. Easter Seals: “My Coronavirus Story”
  8. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: Special Education Services in the age of the Coronavirus

Older Adults Resources:

  1. SAMSHA Post-Disaster Behavioral Health Resources for Older Adults
  2. Older people in disasters and humanitarian crisis: Guidelines for best practice
  3. Stay in Touch with Crisis Situations – A Resource for Older Adults

Stigma Reducing Resources:

  1. APA: Coronavirus threat escalates fears and bigotry
  2. CDC: Stigma prevention and facts about COVID-19
  3. Social Stigma Associated to COVID-19: A Guide to Preventing and Addressing social Stigma

Resources for Providers:

  1. Resources for Telehealth & Insurance Billing, click here
  2. HHS News Release 6/9/2020 CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Distributions
  4. When is it okay to resume in-person services?
  5. APA: Supporting employee mental health when reopening the workplace
  6. Recommendations for Psychologists in Responding to Coronavirus Concerns
  7. Advice for Psychology Supervisors and Trainees on Caring for Patients during the COVID-19 Crisis
  8. Trust Risk Management Services: COVID-19 Resources for Practitioners
  9. COVID-19: Free Articles from American Psychological Association Journal
  10. How to Protect Your Patients and Your Practice
  11. Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers COVID-Resource Page
  12. SAMHSA COVID-19 Resources
  13. National Council for Behavioral Health COVID-19 Resources
  14. APPIC: Psychology Training and Education Joint Statement – COVID-19
  15. Developing Cultural Competence in Disaster Mental Health Programs – Guiding Principles and Recommendations
  16. Psychosocial Issues for Children and Adolescents in Disasters
  17. Podcast: Cultural Awareness – Children and Disasters
  18. Tips for Disaster Responders: Cultural Awareness When Working in Indian Country Post Disaster
  19. Cultural Considerations: Working with Diverse Communities in a Disaster and Applications to Tele-mental Health Services
  20. Providing Suicide Care during COVID-19
  21. Helping America: How Psychologists are helping America cope with the new normal
  22. Psychological First Aid (PFA) Webinar: Be the Helper – Implementing PFA during the COVID-19 Crisis