Governance – 2013-14 Strategic Plan

NPA Annual Strategic Planning

NPA’s 2013-2014 Strategic Planning Meeting was held on May 11th, 2013 in Las Vegas at the home of Stephanie Holland, an active member of NPA for many years. There were 29 members in attendance to help plan goals for NPA numerous committees over the next year.

Melanie Crawford presented four (4) Strategic Objectives to be worked towards over the next 3-5 years:

  1. Improve financial stability,
  2. Grow our membership,
  3. Maximize operational efficiency, and
  4. Develop and prepare effective leaders.

Each committee was assigned to create a Tactical Plan for this next year to support the four long-term Strategic Objectives. Each action item was linked to at least one Strategic Objective.

Here is a summary of each Committee’s Tactical Plan:

Legislative Committee

  • Chair: Lisa Linning, Judy Phoenix
  • Tactical Plan: Educate members about PAC, connect PAC monies with legislative efforts, increase PAC
    donations and increase involvement in legislative
Method for reaching this goal:
  • Action Item #1 Increase PAC funds, plan fundraising in the North and South by September.
  • Action Item #2Educate membership about PAC by sending out more specific and edge emails about issues, include links on how to donate to PAC.
  • Action Item #3Organize advocacy retreat within six months to develop proactive agenda i.e. what we want to do as a committee.

Continuing Education Committee

  • Chair: Lindsey Ricciardi
  • Tactical Plan: Great product that needs a larger reach and more passive income. We need to be more organized and effective in marketing efforts.
Method for reaching this goal:
  • Action Item #1Bring to the board a lead person for each CE event with free admission in exchange for coordinating
    of details, travel for speaker as well as MC, point person at event.
  • Action Item #2Investigate webinars (CE requirements, cost, etc)
  • Action Item #3Develop a formal template (assign someone as a point person, assign marketing, checklist) for marketing and planning.
  • Action Item #4Investigate option of providing fewer high quality CE events for more money.

diveristy-committeeDiversity Committee

  • Chair: Johanah Kang
  • Tactical Plan: Increase infusion of diversity into existing committees and events.
Method for reaching this goal:
  • Action Item #1Pair with regional boards to incorporate diversity into regional CE events.
  • Action Item #2Enlist NPA members to conduct diversity mentoring to PsyChi, graduate students and ECPs.
  • Action Item #3Create a Diversity blog.

Membership Committee

  • Chairs: Susan Ayarbe
  • Tactical Plan: Increase membership, especially with full members; recruit more licensed psychologists
    to become members; simplify the membership renewal process online.
Method for reaching this goal:
  • Action Item #1Increase the number of automatic membership renewals
  • Action Item #2Develop clear membership benefits (elevator speech) to help with membership recruitment through assessment and analysis of membership value.
  • Action Item #3Target students & ECPs in the North; Market NPA to under-represented populations.
  • Action Item #4Simplify the membership application.
  • Action Item #5Increase membership by “working” the workshops (identify non-members, increase membership recruitment at CE workshops).