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Psychologist Needed at Nevada Southern Detention Center

Psychologist Needed for Nevada Southern Detention Center

  • Hours: M-F- 8a – 5pm or 4 10’s- No weekend or on call
  • 3-4 weeks credentialing
  • 13+ week assignment
  • Navada license
  • 1 year experience

Pahrump is 67 miles North West  of Las Vegas

Job Description

The successful candidate should be able to perform ALL of the following functions at a pace and level of performance consistent with the actual job performance requirements.

  1. Conducts psychological screenings and assessments based on review of available records, and clinical interviews with inmates.
  2. As part of a mental health team, confers with other clinical staff, e.g., psychiatrists, mental health service providers, physicians, nurses, social workers, in order to gather and provide information concerning patient psychological problems, to ensure treatment activities are well integrated, and patient care follow-through occurs.
  3. Provides treatment to inmates by developing, implementing, and modifying individual treatment plans based on evaluation of needs and level of functioning.
  4. Makes regular rounds in segregation or other confined housing areas to assess inmate adjustment and mental health treatment needs.
  5. Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of psychological counseling theory and techniques by way of treatments and activities used for individuals in caseload.
  6. Provides appropriate mental health assessments, counseling, and confrontation avoidance interventions to address the needs of inmates in crisis.
  7. Consults with psychiatry, mental health, nursing, medical, educational, chaplain, security staff, and others, as applicable to gather information and understanding into the reasons for the escalation of problems, behaviors and changes in the mental health condition of inmates.

Please contact Norma Warren at nwarren@abstaffing  or 480.603.3426 to apply for this position.

Norma Warren Click to Email (480) 603-3426