Migrant Family Safety/Resources

Press Release
NPA Statement and Call to Action: Safety of Our Migrating Children and Families



General Resources
(The resources provided may be utilized by families, clinicians, school staff, employers, and other community members.)

    Recommendations for Psychological Practice with Undocumented Immigrants in California

  1. Approved by California Psychological Association BOD, Feb 2018
  2. Immigrant Families: Strategies for School Support
    APA Help Center:

  1. Discussing Discrimination
  2. How to Talk to Children about Difficult News
  3. Galeo.org:  2018 Immigrant and Community Resources

American Federation of Teachers:  Immigration – Protecting our Students

Protecting Assets and Child Custody in the Face of Deportation

    Women’s Refugee Commission:

  1. Making a Plan – Migrant Parents’ Guide to Preventing Family Separation
  2. ICE’s Parental Interests Directive: Helping Families Caught Between the Immigration and Child Welfare Systems

 A Guide for Employers: What to Do if Immigration Comes to Your Workplace

Understanding Trauma: What To Expect When You Are Reunited With Your Child

Resources for Immigrant Families

  1. Univision (Spanish)
    Know Your Rights Slideshow (Spanish/Chinese)
  2. Know Your Rights: Everyone has certain basic rights, no matter who is president


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