NPA Governance

How is NPA Governed?

NPA officers are elected annually by electronic ballot circulated to all Full Members, Retired Members and Lifetime Members. The NPA Nominations Committee is named in November of each year and is responsible for obtaining nominations and selecting a slate of candidates for NPA Officers, regional offices. The final slate of candidates is reported to the NPA Board of Directors by February 27th and the annual ballot is sent out on March 1st. Officers serve from May 1st of the year they are elected to April 30th of the next year. Regional officers are elected on the same ballot. Committee and initiative chairs are appointed by the current President. Members of committees are volunteers who agree to work with the committee chair to move a project forward.

If you are interested in becoming involved with NPA governance as an Officer, Committee or Initiative Chair, or Member and/or learning more about a position or volunteering, please click here (link to [email protected]) to let us know of your interest. We always appreciate your involvement, small or large! All positions are eligible for nomination (including self-nominations) except for President and Past President positions. Nominations/self-nominations should include a brief candidate statement and current CV.

By-laws may be amended by approval of NPA members or by approval of the Board. Any amendments related to the rights of members, reclassification or changes to any part of membership or voting rights or membership must be made by electronic ballot to voting members and approved by voting members.

Annual Strategic Planning Meeting

Planning for the year is done each Spring. NPA’s long-term strategic plan is based on four Strategic Business Objectives (SBOs) which are being worked towards in 2021-2023. Translators are created each year to support the SBOs. To view the 2023-2024 Strategic Plan, CLICK HERE

Paid Staff Members

The Executive Director runs the central office. The ED reports to the Board of Directors and attends the monthly board meetings. The ED manages requests for information from the public, oversees the website, is the primary contact between the NPA and the APA, organizes the CE events, and pays the monthly expenses of the organization. Our current Executive Director is Wendi O’Connor.

Our Lobbyist is the liaison between the NPA’s Legislative Committee and the Nevada State Legislature. They track legislation as bills are drafted and discussed during hearings. They report monthly to the Board of Directors and provide feedback to the Legislative Committee and the Board from lawmakers.