Mission Statement

The mission of the Nevada Psychological Association (NPA) is to advance and represent psychology as a science and a profession, as well as to serve the professional needs of its membership and the community.

The Nevada Psychological Association is committed to the following core values:

  • Diversity, inclusion, and social justice
  • Application of knowledge based on scientific methods
  • Ethical behavior
  • Support, advocacy, and mentorship of psychologists.

About NPA

Established in1988, the Nevada Psychological Association (NPA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit professional association for licensed psychologists and affiliated others with interest in the field of psychology and the delivery of psychological services in the state of Nevada.

Our members are psychologists, psychology students and affiliated or associated others interested in psychology and the mental health field.  We are also proud to say that we have strong membership involvement from both undergraduate and graduate students in psychology. 

NPA Executive Board

The NPA Executive Board serves as the policy setting body of the association. Board members are leaders within NPA who are recognized to have experience, insight, and thoughtful perspective on issues that are important to NPA. It is the role of the NPA Board Members to actively participate in setting NPA policy, developing goals and priorities, creating future initiatives, conducting strategic planning and making proactive efforts to meet all the objectives set forth in NPA’s Mission Statement. The Board of Directors adheres strictly to the NPA bylaws and the conduct of meetings are governed by Keesey’s Modern Parlimentary Procedure.

If you are new to NPA, or a new psychologist in Nevada, you will find a relatively small community of colleagues who will welcome and embrace you.  We will invite you to our social gatherings and meetings.  Colleagues will extend their hands and invite you to call them with any questions you may have.  They'll invite you to lunch and give you advice about getting settled here.  Before you know it, you'll feel like you fit right in.  

You will also find that there are plenty of opportunities to participate in any number of our initiatives such as the Healthy Workplace Award Program, the Public Education Program, which seeks to inform the public about the mind-body connection, and our Diversity Initiative.  You will see that your participation is not only valued but has the potential to have real influence with regard to the role psychology plays in Nevada.  You will not be "just a number" here.  Explore our website, learn about our projects, contact us and we'll look forward to meeting you soon.

If you have been a member of NPA, thank you for your continued and ongoing support.  We look forward to NPA increasing its relevance and impact to its members and the communities we serve.  Please give our officers and committee chairs your on-going feedback with regard to our activities and your needs and wishes for this association.  Please visit the pages on this website that give you opportunities to share your ideas for CE programming, discussion topics, legislative initiatives etc.  Finally, step up and get involved in a committee because your input truly enhances this organization.  Even the tiniest bit of contribution makes a big difference to us. (To use HIPAA terminology, we’re all for "scalable participation." Do what fits for you.) 

We appreciate your interest, support and participation. 

If you are a non-psychologist and want to know more about psychologists click here