Legislator of the Year Award

This award honors a Nevada legislator for their commitment to prioritizing mental health care needs and their support to NPA and the practice of psychology at large.

2021 Legislator of the Year
Senator Patricia Spearman 
has served in the Nevada Legislature since 2013 representing District 1. She is chairwoman  of the Committee of Commerce & Labor and Vice-Chairwoman of the Health & Human Services Committee. She is a fierce champion for equality, equity, and justice. Senator Spearman led the charge to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in Nevada. She has been a vocal critic of systemic discrimination and oppression ensuring that Nevada keeps its focus on amplifying and supporting the communities of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian people and other people of color and the LGBTQ+ community.

She has advocated for mental health needs in Nevada and supports legislation that seeks to enhance necessary services – whether it be increasing Medicaid funding, advocating for public safety, educational reforms, rights of members of the LGBTQ+ community, children in foster care, and incarcerated youth. She also graciously joined us at our 2020 Legislative Retreat as our guest of honor. 

2019 Legislator of the Year
Senator Marilyn Dondero Loop 
was recognized for her passion for psychological legislation long before it became fashionable. Since her earliest days in the Assembly, long before she was elected Senator, Senator Dondero Loop has been an advocate for psychology in Nevada. During the past decade, she sponsored or co-sponsored eight individual pieces of legislation—beginning with Autism treatment in 2009 and including end of life legislation this session. A remarkable 10 years of service to the state of Nevada in general, and to psychology in particular.