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NPA-PAC (Political Action Committee)
The NPA-PAC is funded by the contributions of NPA members and psychologists in Nevada and donations to our NPA-PAC support NPA’s efforts to advocate for the interests of psychologists in Nevada. Your contribution to our NPA-PAC allows us to support Nevada State Legislators who share our passion and positions. Donations are not tax-deductible.  
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Legislative/Lobbyist Fund
NPA contracts with a lobbyist to help us stay better connected to the political process in Nevada. This fund helps us pay for our legislative and lobbying efforts on behalf of Nevada Psychologists.  

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NPA Century Fund

NPA is funded by membership dues, CE events, some grants, and your donations.  This is a general donation fund to help us continue to function optimally in service to psychologists in Nevada by supporting our central office operations and ED salary.  

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Student Fund

Our students and early career psychologists are the future of psychology and NPA.  We sponsor a student poster presentation of research every year, make awards for outstanding presentations, and fund travel for students to present.  We also support students participating in our CE events, governance, and APA when possible.  

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