NPA Committees




APA Council Representative: NOELLE LEFFORGE, PH.D.

Public Education Campaign: ROBERT MOERING, PSY.D.

Federal Advocacy Coordinator: AMELIA BLACK, PH.D.



Early Career Psychologists

NPA is committed to supporting the needs of early career psychologists. Accordingly, NPA offers discounts on membership, opportunities to participate in monthly support group meetings, and extends a special welcome to newly licensed psychologists every fall at annual social events, held in both Las Vegas and Reno. We are active in recruiting ECP’s to participate in committees and leadership positions in the state, and offer mentorship opportunities to interested psychologists. For more information about our ECP Committee, click here


Public Education Campaign (PEC)

The Public Education Campaign (PEC) is another APA-sponsored initiative. Interested psychologists can obtain a fully developed presentation kit, including marketing materials and power-point presentations, for use in giving presentations to local businesses and community groups. More information about Mind-Body Health and information can be obtained from the APA website or our NPA PEC representative. For more information about PEC, click here

Public Education Campaign ChairROBERT MOERING, PH.D.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Chair and Committee are dedicated to promoting diversity in Nevada. This includes welcoming psychologists from diverse backgrounds as well as promoting culturally sensitive services to the community. NPA is working to develop a Diversity Mission Statement, includes scientific and evidence-based information about working with diverse populations in our CE trainings, and strongly supports efforts to reach out to individuals different genders, ethnicities, ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, cultures and abilities. For more information about our DEI Committee, click here

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Chair: LEA CAVER, PH.D.

Business of Practice Network (BOPN)

NPA participates in the APA-sponsored Business of Practice Network. This initiative offers local businesses an opportunity to apply for the Healthy Workplace Award, given to businesses that meet the guidelines for creating a psychologically healthy workplace environment. Past winners have included the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority, who won a national PHW award. Additionally, psychologists have opportunities to meet with local businesses and offer presentations and trainings on relevant issues such as stress management, communication skills or time-management. Currently inactive, we Need a Leader!