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Psychological and Neuropsychological Test Batteries for Sale

The focus of my private practice has shifted away from conducting psychological and neuropsychological assessments. I have full assessment kits available for sale AT DISCOUNT PRICES to qualified psychologists who MUST verify their credentials. For new psychologists at the beginning of their career, this can save thousands of dollars.

* Neuropsychological Assessment Battery [NAB] - Assesses a wide range of cognitive skills and functions. Ages 18 years to 97 years. a comprehensive and co-normed assessment that offers the combined strengths of both a flexible and fixed battery to allow clinicians to focus on specific areas of concern. NAB Complete Kit - Price New is $2336.00 Barely used price is only $1750.00 25% OFF
* Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale | Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV)-most advanced adult measure of cognitive ability. WAIS-IV Kit with Soft Case Price New is $1427.00 Barely used price is only $1070.00 25% OFF
* Wechsler Memory Scale® Fourth Edition (WMS®-IV) WMS-IV Complete Kit Price New is $915.50 Barely used price is only $685.00 25% OFF
* Test of Nonverbal Intelligence Fourth Edition (TONI-4) is a language-free test, ideal for evaluating those with questionable or limited language ability. TONI-4 Complete Kit Price New is $415.00 Barely used price is only $310.00 25% OFF
* Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales Third Edition is the leading instrument for supporting the diagnosis of intellectual and developmental disabilities. Vineland-3 not only aids in diagnosis, but provides valuable information for developing educational and treatment plans. Vineland Complete Kit Price New is $238.00 Barely used price is only $175.00 25% OFF
* Wechsler Individual Achievement Test® | Third Edition (WIAT-3)/Manual Scoring KitWIAT Complete Kit Price New is $750.00 Barely used price is only $375.00 50% OFF
* NOTE: This is the 3rd edition, not 4th but it is still considered valid for use. My intention is to pay it forward to a colleague who can put these materials to good use.

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Seeking Licensed Psychologist For Neuropsychological/Psychological Assessment Services

Our clinic is dedicated to providing neuropsychological and psychological assessments for children and adolescents. We are centrally located in the Las Vegas Valley. We are seeking a licensed psychologist to perform comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological assessments, primarily for children and adolescents. Full-time or part-time options available. Clinicians may work as an employee or independent contractor.

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Psychotherapy Office For Lease In Las Vegas

Large psychotherapy office for lease in a well-maintained, secure building, on the west side of town, near Desert Shores. Share waiting room, reception area, break room with kitchenette, and on-site support staff (optional), with licensed psychologist. Includes WiFi, phone, utilities, EMR, and is available furnished or unfurnished. Would consider a post-doc. 

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 UNLV Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity

We are pleased to announce a postdoctoral fellowship vacancy (group psychotherapy focus) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis until the position is filled with an anticipated start date of August 2, 2021 (with flexibility). UNLV PRACTICE ( offers an energetic and collaborative interdisciplinary training environment dedicated to the mental health needs of a sorely underserved community.  The position has the option to be extended for an additional year (2 years total) based on performance evaluations and funding.  For a full description of the position, go to the APPIC Directory listing at

Questions may be directed to Michelle Paul at 702-895-1532 or [email protected]

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