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Seeking Clinical Psychologist Supervisor for Post-Doctoral Hours

Hello! My name is Grady Gallagher, and I am looking for a clinical supervisor to accrue post-doctoral hours for licensure in Nevada. I will be completing my internship at the University of Rochester Medical Center in August 2023 and am excited to begin working with clients in the Nevada area. I am particularly interested in filling a niche by providing therapy interventions for Nevada's deaf and hard of hearing adult population. As a hard of hearing individual myself, I am fluent in American Sign Language and spoken English, and I have many years of experience working with both deaf and hearing clients. I enjoy using the ACT framework in my therapy approach and I am passionate about providing individual therapy to adults and find ways to move them towards a valued life. I am also interested in specializing in telehealth therapy and learning about how to build a private practice. I am seeking a supervisor who is open to supporting me in my goals, including working in the telehealth domain, and who is dedicated to helping me grow and develop as a clinician. In return, I am eager to contribute to our working relationship by bringing fresh perspectives, a unique skillset, and a commitment to growth and professional development. If you are a clinical psychologist licensed in Nevada and are interested in providing guidance as I enter this profession, please reach out to me by email at [email protected] or by phone at 202-489-1403. I look forward to hearing from you!

CONTACT INFORMATION:   Grady Gallagher     Email      Phone: (202) 489-1403

Reno Postdoctoral Position

Postdoctoral position is open in our Reno practice for a psychology postdoctoral assistant. Our practice consists of 3 licensed psychologists who serve a diverse population. We are of an evidence-based orientation (cognitive behavioral therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and a like-minded similarly trained postdoc would be a good fit for this position. We offer a great opportunity to learn the in's and out's of practice. The ability to gain additional experience with adult, children and behavioral medicine (CBT- insomnia, chronic pain) is available. Flexible hours and schedule available. We will have a full time availability by March 2023 and possibly earlier if needed. The current position in our office could also be filled by a licensed clinical social worker or a marriage and family therapist. If interested please contact Ruth Gentry, Ph.D at [email protected]

CONTACT INFORMATION:   Ruth Gentry, Ph.D.     Email      Phone: (775) 830-8375

Mental Health Billing Services in Henderson, NV

“We take care of your Billing so you can take care of your Patients”.Healthcare Billing Resource LLC is your local medical billing company with 15 years' experience of billing formental health and behavioral health professionals and facilities. Not everyone has the luxury to keep up with the new changes in the medical and behavioral health industry. Time is money and we are here for you. Please check-out what our clients say about us at,

CONTACT INFORMATION:   Jocelyn Positos   Email      Phone: (702) 629-2317